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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Neaton Mathematics provide teacher training?
    Yes! We train teachers virtually and on site. It generally takes two one-hour sessions.

  • How easy/difficult is it to start up a class with My Number DNA?
    My Number DNA is easy to get up and running. First, you enroll your students provide their usernames and passwords, students login and they are  off and running. 

  • What skills can my students work on using My Number DNA?
    Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals and Percent’s  

  • What is mastery learning? and how is it used in My Number DNA?             
    Mastery Learning, also known as Learning for Mastery (LFM) and Mastery Education, is an educational philosophy that shifts the definition of student aptitude. In the traditional approach, content is taught for a set amount of time, and a student’s aptitude is based on how much they learned in that amount of time. In Mastery Learning, a student’s aptitude is based on how long they need to master the content, and all students (given enough time and intervention) are assumed to be able to eventually master the content.

  • What is the purpose of mastery learning?
    The purpose of Mastery Learning is to ensure that students truly master each course’s subject material before moving on to the next course. In a traditional model, students who do not master the content in the set amount of time are rarely, if ever, given additional time and opportunity to re-learn what they missed. These students often fall farther and farther behind, which leads to many seeing themselves (and being seen by others) as unable to learn successfully.

  • How do students achieve mastery?
    Students achieve mastery on a workout, quiz, or test by scoring at least 90% and doing so in a preset amount of time.

  • What data can I see as a teacher or an administrator?
    Data is available instantly. As soon as a student completes a workout, quiz, or test the data base is updated. Teachers can view individual and class progress reports, individual and class worklogs, and progress checklists.

  • What level of teacher/school support is available?
    We are proud that we resolve most issues and questions the day that they are received, often within one hour. 

  • How early can students begin My Number DNA?
    Kindergarten through 2nd or 3rd grade students have success with the Level 1  program.  More time per workout is allowed as students learn to master the keyboard and think through questions.

  • Do students like My Number DNA?
    Yes! Students on average complete 4 to 8 workouts per 40-minute session. They are motivated by the desire to level up and receive dinosaur micro rewards. 


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