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The Set of 4 Fast Fact Workbooks is a series of workbooks that provide practice sets that will help you master the four whole number numeracy skills. All workbooks are designed to work well with the skill building math software Number DNA™.


The Set of 4 Fast Fact Workbooks include the

- Whole Number Fast Fact Addition Workbook

- Whole Number Fast Fact Subtraction Workbook

- Whole Number Fast Fact Multiplication Workbook

- Whole Number Fast Fact Division Workbook


These workbooks are designed for the user to develop their math skills via short practice sets with immediate feedback. To facilitate this, the pages have been arranged so that the questions appear on even numbered pages (left side) with the answers to questions on odd numbered pages (right side).


We recommend that you cover or fold back the answer page as you work through each column of questions, then uncover them, check your answers, and record your score. If you follow this procedure, you will find that you will reduce the number of mistakes that you make and you will be more quickly prepared to take and successfully pass the mastery test for this unit.

Product Name: Set of 4 Fast Fact Workbooks

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