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All sessions begin at your student's

personal Number DNA ™ Homepage


Student Homepage Overview

Each time that you log in to Number DNA, you

will see your student homepage which displays;

  -  a progress summary checklist

  -  your Work Log

  -  a short video; How to Navigate the Homepage

  -  and the NEXT WORKOUT button.

The first module, Number Sense, contains 185 

unique and refreshable tests, quizzes and workouts designed to lead students along a pathway to mastery.

Number DNA Skill Builder

 Process Overview

Step 1

Take a pretest

Step 2

If needed, work through a series of short practices

Step 3

Take a posttest

Step 4

Upon mastery of the post test, move to the next unit and repeat the process.

Step 2

Each unit begins with a pretest. Upon submitting your answers you will instantly view your results.
(every test, quiz and workout is different.) 

Below is a completed Whole Number Addition Pre-Test.

Notice that the time was fast enough but the accuracy needs to increase to 90%.

(Timing is set to discourage calculator use.)

Students Learn Their Fast Facts 3 Different Ways

Whole number and integer fast facts for addition, subtraction,

multiplication and division are presented

in the three different ways shown below.

This strategy helps students build fast fact retention while improving their thinking skills.    

In the Number Game unit, thinking skills and fast fact recall are kicked up a notch.  Check out the example below to see if you agree.

Number Game Example.png  ||  734-904-4884  ||  Michigan