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How It Works

For Teachers & Administrators

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Teacher & Administrator View

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Complement your Math Curriculum with our Number DNA™ Skill Building Math Software

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Number DNA™ software

is designed to help students catch up by improving their numeracy skills. Students with strong foundational math skills are likely to experience more success while engaged in the main curriculum. 

The Teacher/Admin Menu

When you login as a teacher you have options to create and edit class lists and to view student performance data. 

Monitor Progress 24/7

Worklogs provide a complete history of the work that each student attempts and completes. Tests, quizzes and workouts are designed to take between 1 and 5 minutes.

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This sample 'student work log' shows work completed from 11/5 to 12/5. 

Step 2

Teachers setting weekly work goals can quickly view a summary of work done in each class.

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Whole Class Progress Summary

Provides  an overview of the work done by each member of the class

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Are Students Mastering Concepts?

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The Class Mastery Record provides an up-to-the-minute view of whole class and individual mastery. Mastery is awarded when the student answers at least 90%  of the questions correctly and meets the time parameter set to discourage using a calculator as students build fast fact fluency.  

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