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Professional Development

Dan Can Help Teachers Grow!

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Dan Neaton

Educator & Director of Operations,
Neaton Mathematics

Dan Neaton, a dedicated mathematics educator, has an expansive 46-year tenure across middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities. Dan's passion began at the age of 26, where he embarked on a transformative journey at a large middle school teaching diverse groups of students without categorizing them by ability. It was there that he identified a recurring issue; students who struggled in math often had gaps in their foundational skills. Through this observation, Dan developed a unique approach focused on individualized instruction and teaching to mastery. His commitment to every student's success, paired with his deep appreciation for the art of teaching, makes him an ideal speaker. Dan is eager to share his insights on the challenges and rewards of employing an individualized instruction model. Bring Dan Neaton to your school district for a professional development course and be inspired by his rich experiences and innovative approaches to mathematics education.

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The Online Mastery Method

Dive into the pioneering strategies of Jaime Escalante and the transformative power of mastery learning. We'll explore the core tenets of mastery learning, define essential numeracy skills, and discuss how mastery principles can revolutionize math education. Join us to learn how to remediate your math gap challenges.

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Presentation Overview

Defining Mastery, Necessary Numeracy Skills

Mastery Learning And High Schools

Technology Makes Mastery Accessible

Experience Mastery As A Student Using The Number DNA Software

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