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What is Number DNA™?

Number DNA™ is an online, self-paced and mastery based software program that identifies then drills down on the missing

prealgebra skills that students need in order to succeed  in algebra, trigonometry and beyond. Each unit consist of short (2-5 minute) workouts that provide instant feedback and next steps.

If you or your students are missing key math skills, then rebuild and catch up using

Number DNA™

Students and Families

  • Do you struggle with math basics?

  • Are poor math skills blocking you from your dream career?

  • Are you capable of working independently?

  • Do you want to change from       "I can't do  Math!" to                    "I Can do Math!"

$9.99 /month


Contact our sales team to discuss a sales package uniquely designed to meet your school's needs. Together we will design a support package that insures a successful implementation of the Number DNA™ software.

  • Do you want to boost your school's math metrics?

  • Would you like an option for special ed students and academic math support classes?

  • Provide your students with a summer program that helps students catch up.

  • Do you need a good online math option for your students?

  • Are you tired of watching your students grab their calculators to do basic calculations?

  • Would you like to set clear student progress goals that that you can assess 24/7?

  • Would you value a robust dashboard that updates students and class progress instantly?

Programmed into Number DNA are two measures for mastery; accuracy and time.

The accuracy threshold averages 90% over 300+ unique workouts, quizzes and tests.

The time thresholds vary with each topic and

are set to prevent using a calculator to solve

mental math problems like;  what is 8 x 8?  

Or what is 25% of 80?    Or what is -7 -10?

Girl at School

Each unit focuses on mastering selected skills at a high level.

Tedious practice, long chapters, and the lack of timely feedback are motivation killers for many students when learning math.

Number DNA has a radically different design. Number DNA units are short and are comprised of 3-minute workouts that provide instant feedback and next steps.

When students master topics and skills at a high level, they are confident and motivated to take on the next unit of learning.







500 Students       

400,000 Problems

89% Accuracy rate